Built to run natively on the Oculus Quest 2, ElectroSwing is an exhilarating VR experience like no other. The gameplay is simple enough, swing through the air and avoid touching anything. Each level has it’s own ElectroSwing song, and you must reach the opposing platform before the song ends. When you do, the game unlocks a seed system allowing players to create completely new levels that they can share with other players.

Code the Hoan

Code the Hoan VR is a pilot program designed to encourage kids to pursue careers in technology. We built the VR experience exclusively with Milwaukee based artists and developers for Sharp Literacy. Code the Hoan VR runs natively on the Oculus Quest2. The VR experience is part of an after school program running in select Milwaukee Public schools.


(A verse within the Metaverse)

We set out to R&D various aspects of the Metaverse within an application we developed called Collaborate. This is a short video we put together that shares the movie complex we designed. Notice that we incorporated our own video chat into the system.

Collaborate Loft

The Loft is a customizable environment, built to leverage a variety of interactive and visual possibilities. We highlighted the achievements of women and local artists to illustrate various interactive and design possibilities.

Bring in the real people

This was an early alpha channel test with local musician and friend Kat Auburn. We are able to bring alpha channel video footage into any 3D environment.

Endless possibilities

We developed a technique that allows these amazing 3D experiences to viewed from a phone, by leveraging YouTubes ability to render a 360 image. You can look around the room. Try it!

Game Jam

We’ve participated in so many Game Jams. Game Jam is an international organized event where tens of thousands of game developers all make games based on some theme. You have 48 hours to finish and submit a working game. Game Jam 2018 is one of our favorite.

Mothers Against Gun Violence

We created this virtual garden as a memorial for survivors of gun violence.

Outsiders Art Galleries

 Outsiders Art Galleries was an online event platform designed to give artists greater visibility and ability to sell their artwork. Outsiders Galleries is unlike other online galleries, it’s not a website. It connects both VR and non VR users in a unique event based experience which you can share with others.

Islands of Brilliance

Islands of Brilliance works with young adults on the autism spectrum to help them express their creativity through the use of art and technology. During the 2020 lockdown we worked online with students at IOB to develop all aspects of a video game from programming to 3D CAD. During summer 2020 we also built an island for their fundraiser called Gratitude Island. It was cross platform PC/Mac and It could be experienced in VR or 1st/3dr person.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Challenge… Create a viable prototype that tells the story of the Ringelblum Archive using Virtual Reality. The prototype needed to be accepted by the general public and leadership at the museum. The prototype was created in four weeks with a two week residency at the Museum in Washington D.C.

The Residency

During our residency we tested the prototype with staff and the general public at the museum. Surveys were taken before and after the VR experience and other data points were collected directly from our software. Our focus was on taking in feedback, then rapidly iterating on the project during residency.

The Result

The prototype and research gathered  was successful in proving out Virtual Reality’s viability for the museum. Our prototype was approved to move forward into a pilot.

Procter & Gamble – Fantastic Plastic VR

Procter & Gamble was looking for an innovative way to raise awareness about the plastic problem in the ocean.  371 productions laid out a beautiful and compelling VR experience that would build empathy for 3 species affected by the plastic problem. Our role was to create a prototype that would illustrate our proposed art style and visual fidelity for the underwater experience in 2 weeks. Executives from P&G commented on our ability to provide a test experience that exceeded their expectations and was better looking than other VR experiences that they had seen.

Procter & Gamble has publicly committed to reducing their use of plastic and has taken responsibility for the impact their products have had on the environment. Part of their commitment for change is to raise public awareness of the plastic problem, and how it effects the environment. (Story)