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How does it work?

Our custom cameras record light from two points just like your eyes. With a combined FOV of 260 degrees we capture the first person perspective into a VR experience!

By playing back the world as it is, we have no need for stitching. Immersion is enhanced by being allowed to look around freely. We provide true stereo in front, with a fallback to monoview in the side areas. And the setup provides a human body to experience the world through.

VRLAB Demo Android


Raw video sample

Google Cardboard (v. Google I/O 2015) and a high-end phone (Samsung Note4 or iPhone6) recommended. Make sure to adjust alignment in cardboard for the best experience.

More info

More info


We record a FOV of 260 degrees in 2880x1440@30fps. Each camera is individually calibrated to compensate for its physical quirks. We use the large FOV to allow the audience to look freely around.


Strap the camera to your head and start recording. You are now both the main character and cameraman. If combined with binaural microphones the immersion gets even better.


After recording clips are uploaded to our cloud service, where clips are paired and synced in time. Assembled clips can be downloaded for further postprocessing in your favourite video authoring tool or previewed directly in our viewer.


The method is based on reprojecting each captured film onto two surfaces, each shown exclusively to one eye.

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