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Students Embark on a Virtual Journey in the VR Career Fair.

Introducing the VR Career Fair: an immersive opportunity to inspire the next generation of skilled workers. In a world where gaming blends entertainment with learning, your company can have a significant impact. Students explore diverse industries, interacting with virtual environments and equipment. Unlike traditional fairs, this VR experience is a one-time cost, accessible to all via a free Meta Quest app. Join us in guiding students towards STEM careers, showcasing your industry to future talent. Let’s foster curiosity and encourage exploration into skilled trades. Seize this chance to shape the future workforce.

VR Career fair In Milwaukee WI

For details or schedule a meeting, Contact Jeff below. 

  • Supporter of STEM $100
    • Businesses or individuals wishing to demonstrate their support will see their logos featured both online and within the VR Career Fair program.
  • Level 3 VR Space $600
    • You don’t have the budget for an interactive space but you can provide engaging content. Video, Images and relevant STEM information.
  • Level 2 VR Space $1500-$5000
    • Includes the development of 1 interactive experience.
    • Far more than your typical 12X12 booth. Your custom exhibit will come to life in ways that are too costly to consider in real life.
  • Level 1 VR Space $5000+
    • Includes the creation of multiple interactions or requires more complex development.
    • Beyond reality, your exhibit has the potential to take it to the next level and steal the show.

Title Sponsorship is Available

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