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Students Embark on a Virtual Journey in the VR Career Fair.

Introducing the VR Career Fair: an immersive platform designed to ignite passion and curiosity in the next generation of skilled workers. In a world where gaming seamlessly merges entertainment and education, companies in skilled trades or STEM-related fields possess a unique opportunity to inspire Wisconsin students to pursue careers within their industries.

Students will delve into various industries, engaging with virtual environments and equipment to gain firsthand experience. Unlike conventional fairs, this VR experience incurs a one-time cost and is easily accessible to all through a free Meta Quest app.

Join us in guiding students toward exciting STEM careers and showcasing your industry to potential future talent. Let’s cultivate curiosity and encourage exploration into skilled trades, seizing this opportunity to shape the future workforce.

VR Career fair In Milwaukee WI

For details or schedule a meeting, Contact Jeff. 

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