Download for PC

Download for Mac

Requires Windows 10

Requires Catalina or newer OS

- Shut down all other programs on your computer before running -
If you experience audio issues where people can’t hear you or you cant hear sound. Check your audio settings to ensure your headphones and microphone are properly selected in your computers preferences. 
The Escape Key on your keyboard will allow you to open and close your options settings. (Screenshot Below) This is where you can change rooms, teleport, control graphics, sound, or see who's on the island. There is a limit of 40 people per Island, but there is a limitless number of islands . Please try everything you can, and report any bugs.

Avoid creating noisy feedback for others, you must use headphones of some kind.

The world you are entering has certain best practices that everyone should be aware of. Headphones are a necessity, without headphones, the sound from other people talking will create a loud and disturbing feedback loop between the speakers and microphone. If you hear this happening from someone else. you can mute them in the player list tab by clicking the esc key.