Path of the Necromancer is an upcoming first-person, story-based game that combines elements of magic and combat. Our goal is to create an immersive experience for players by exploring five distinct realms: Upper Underworld, Ice Realm, Labyrinth, Volcanic and Realm of Rot. With classic game mechanics like finding objects to unlock abilities, jump hazards, and rotating obstacles, players will have to use strategy to progress through the game. The character starts with one ability, Drain Soul, and will have the opportunity to unlock more than 20 abilities that can be leveled up as they are used. Our loadout system will allow players to assign up to 6 spells, allowing rapid deployment of the most effective spell for various gameplay preferences.

We are excited to offer our supporters early access to the game development process, where they can provide feedback and suggestions to help guide our design. We hope to bring a unique and enjoyable experience that D&D fans will love.

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Built for PC and will be delivered on STEAM / ITCH.IO